Studio albums

Sentimental Journey
27 March 1970 (UK)
24 April 1970 (US)
Sentimental Journey
Night And Day
Whispering Grass (Don’t Tell The Trees)
Bye Bye Blackbird
I’m A Fool To Care
Blue, Turning Grey Over You
Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
You Always Hurt The One You Love
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
Let The Rest Of The World Go By
Sentimental Journey by Ringo Starr (1970)
Beaucoups Of Blues
25 September 1970 (UK)
28 September 1970 (US)
Beaucoups Of Blues
Love Don’t Last Long
Fastest Growing Heartache In The West
Without Her
Woman Of The Night
I’d Be Talking All The Time
$15 Draw
Wine, Women And Loud Happy Songs
I Wouldn’t Have You Any Other Way
Loser’s Lounge
Silent Homecoming
2 November 1973 (US)
9 November 1973 (UK)
I’m The Greatest
Have You Seen My Baby
Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond)
You’re Sixteen
Oh My My
Step Lightly
Six O’Clock
Devil Woman
You And Me (Babe)
Ringo Starr: cover artwork for Ringo album (1973)
Goodnight Vienna
15 November 1974 (UK)
18 November 1974 (US)
(It’s All Down To) Goodnight Vienna
Husbands And Wives
All By Myself
Call Me
No No Song
Only You
Easy For Me
Goodnight Vienna (Reprise)
Ringo’s Rotogravure
17 September 1976 (UK)
27 September 1976 (US)
A Dose Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
Hey! Baby
Pure Gold
You Don’t Know Me At All
Cookin’ (In The Kitchen Of Love)
I’ll Still Love You
This Be Called A Song
Las Brisas
Lady Gaye
Spooky Weirdness
Ringo the 4th
20 September 1977 (UK)
30 September 1977 (US)
Drowning In The Sea Of Love
Tango All Night
Gave It All Up
Out On The Streets
Can She Do It Like She Dances
Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
It’s No Secret
Gypsies In Flight
Simple Love Song
Scouse The Mouse
9 December 1977
Living In A Pet Shop
Sing A Song For The Tragopan
Scouse’s Dream
Snow Up Your Nose For Christmas
Running Free
America (A Mouse’s Dream)
Boat Ride
Scouse The Mouse
Passenger Pigeon
I Know A Place
Ask Louey
A Mouse Like Me
Bad Boy
21 April 1978 (UK)
16 June 1978 (US)
Who Needs A Heart
Bad Boy
Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
Heart On My Sleeve
Where Did Our Love Go
Hard Times
Monkey See – Monkey Do
Old Time Relovin’
A Man Like Me
Stop And Smell The Roses
27 October 1981 (US)
20 November 1981 (UK)
Private Property
Wrack My Brain
Drumming Is My Madness
Stop And Take The Time To Smell The Roses
Dead Giveaway
You Belong To Me
Sure To Fall
You’ve Got A Nice Way
Back Off Boogaloo
Old Wave
16 June 1983 (Germany)
24 June 1983 (Canada)
In My Car
Be My Baby
She’s About A Mover
I Keep Forgettin’
Picture Show Life
As Far As We Can Go
Everybody’s In A Hurry But Me
Going Down
Time Takes Time
22 May 1992 (US)
29 June 1992 (UK)
Weight Of The World
Don’t Know A Thing About Love
Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go
Golden Blunders
All In The Name Of Love
After All These Years
I Don’t Believe You
In A Heartbeat
What Goes Around
Vertical Man
16 June 1998 (US)
3 August 1998 (UK)
What In The… World
King Of Broken Hearts
‘Love Me Do’
Vertical Man
Drift Away
I Was Walkin’
La De Da
Without Understanding
I’ll Be Fine Anywhere
I’m Yours
I Wanna Be Santa Claus
19 October 1999
Come On Christmas, Christmas Come On
Winter Wonderland
I Wanna Be Santa Claus
The Little Drummer Boy
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Christmas Eve
The Christmas Dance
‘Christmas Time (Is Here Again)’
Blue Christmas
Dear Santa
White Christmas
Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)
Ringo Rama
25 March 2003
Eye To Eye
Missouri Loves Company
Instant Amnesia
Memphis In Your Mind
Never Without You
Imagine Me There
I Think Therefore I Rock And Roll
Trippin’ On My Own Tears
Write One For Me
What Love Wants To Be
Love First, Ask Questions Later
Elizabeth Reigns
English Garden
Choose Love
7 June 2005 (US)
25 July 2005 (UK)
Fading In Fading Out
Give Me Back The Beat
Oh My Lord
Hard To Be True
Some People
Wrong All The Time
Don’t Hang Up
Choose Love
Me And You
The Turnaround
Free Drinks
Liverpool 8
14 January 2008
Liverpool 8
Think About You
For Love
Now That She’s Gone Away
Gone Are The Days
Give It A Try
Tuff Love
Harry’s Song
If It’s Love That You Want
Love Is
R U Ready?
Y Not
12 January 2010
Fill In The Blanks
Peace Dream
The Other Side Of Liverpool
Walk With You
Everyone Wins
Mystery Of The Night
Can’t Do It Wrong
Y Not
Who’s Your Daddy
Ringo Starr - Y Not album artwork
Ringo 2012
30 January 2012
31 January 2012 (US)
Think It Over
Rock Island Line
Step Lightly
In Liverpool
Slow Down
Ringo Starr – Ringo 2012
Postcards From Paradise
31 March 2015
Rory And The Hurricanes
You Bring The Party Down
Postcards From Paradise
Right Side Of The Road
Not Looking Back
Island In The Sun
Touch And Go
Let Love Lead
Ringo Starr – Postcards From Paradise (2015)
Give More Love
15 September 2017
We’re On The Road Again
Show Me The Way
Speed Of Sound
Standing Still
King Of The Kingdom
So Wrong For So Long
Shake It Up
Give More Love